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How to replace the contents of acrylic panels

Acrylic panels are popular because of their high-end atmosphere. They are usually hung on the wall to display some slogans, rules and regulations, famous celebrities and so on. For a long time, many customers want to replace the paper in the interlayer of acrylic panels. However, it does not know how to replace it. It is actually very simple. The first step is to split the following.

    1. Get ready to change the size of the content. This is an early implementation that needs to be ready. Measure the length and width of the acrylic panels yourself and cut them off.

    2. Disassembly of advertising nails: The size of advertising nails is generally divided into: 12X25-12X100; 16X25-16X100; 19X25-19X100; 25X25-25X100. If the unarmed hands do not open, you can use some friction with a larger contact and slowly rotate it. Need to pay attention to the last one to be careful to fall off the exhibition board.

    3. Paste the contents of the prepared panels into the mezzanine. Note that the content is flat, parallel to the horizontal line and perpendicular to the gravity.

    4, the last step. How do you remove it and install it, as long as the steps are reversed? how about it? Isn't it simple?
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