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How to position the portable simple display rack

Tsianfan Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd how to define the positioning of the display stand according to the concept of the designer also has some of their own experiences are summarized as follows:

1, Weight: The weight must be less than or equal to 50 kg. We think that if the weight is too heavy, it is not very convenient to carry it. If the size is a little smaller, it is very likely that we can't move it. In order to meet this customer's demand, we should not exceed 50 in production weight. jin.

2, size specifications: volume size plays a large role, in fact, there is much large display rack because of special materials, his weight may not exceed 50 pounds but the volume is too large, should not carry 0.1000 * 1000 * thousand mm. Xiamen Yidu display rack company regulations exceed this specification, our door does not calculate it in the portable simple display rack.

3, removable: simple portable must be mobile to facilitate the transport if the display rack can be dismantled at any time and installation is very convenient, then such a display rack must meet our requirements.

4, firm: We don't make disposable lunch boxes. It's normal that we don't bump into bumps during transportation. It's normal that a solid display can bring about the recyclable use and avoid wastage.

If you have more operational suggestions for our design requirements, please contact us. We will do our best to meet your needs. 

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