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How many times for air changes in the exhibition hall?

Whether it is a newly renovated exhibition hall or an exhibition hall that has been renovated for a long time, it is necessary to conduct ventilation activities at regular intervals. This is because the newly renovated exhibition hall is rich in formaldehyde, and long-term exposure to such an environment will not only harm our health. It will also endanger the health of the family. In the old exhibition hall, if there is no ventilation for a long time, a large amount of harmful gases in the space environment will oxidize the materials of the exhibition hall and accelerate the aging speed of the exhibition hall. Since exhibition halls of both life type and space need a fixed time for gas exchange. How can we control this frequency and frequency?

First of all we have to solve is: ventilation frequency test method

According to the requirements of GB/T18204.19-2000 “Test Method for Indoor Ventilation Rate”, close doors and windows to release tracer CO evenly in the room, so that the concentration of Co in the indoor air is 2-4g/m, and the air is disturbed by fans at the same time. It is fully mixed. After the first measurement of Co concentration, the second measurement is made at intervals of 1 h. The amount of air entering the room within 1 h is calculated from equation 

Where: an average air exchange rate, h..;. The factory measured the concentration of tracer gas at the beginning of abalone, g/m;C, Tracer gas concentration at a time t, mg/m; t-measurement time, h

The result is:
According to the unit surface and unit space plus the normal flow of the exhibition hall. If 100m2 of space is available, our advice is to change air once a week. An analogy did not increase by 50 square meters. Our ventilation time was increased by one hour.

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