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Exhibition design and production process

Can be divided into two situations: 1 design your own production. 2 Look for display rack suppliers. 

1 Design your own production process

1, to find the design drafting master, the disadvantage of their own production is not a beautiful design, this time needs to find a designer with a certain aesthetic.
2, purchase of materials: The building materials market can be purchased directly, paint, stainless steel, welding, glue and so on.

3, the final step: you can assemble it. easy and convenient

2 Looking for display rack suppliers
1, according to their needs, online and local can find.
2. Online direct selection, as well as some local exhibition halls, will be more comfortable to choose directly to the store, and the quality is also guaranteed.
3. The general appearance of the supplier is enough. However, the quality still cannot be reassuring. It's important to identify yourself.

     Finally, if a friend of Xiamen needs to purchase a display rack, he can go to our exhibition hall to find out.