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Exhibition Hall Promotions

The first move: Determine the theme of the exhibition's promotion

Without the theme of the event, the store's showroom was beautifully dressed. At best, it was a soulless painting.

If the theme is full of "Celebration × ×, send gift", "a great deal of love, a few special ex-gratia" like the proliferation of words, the same can not leave a deep impression on the customer. A creative theme must meet the following requirements:

1. Appeals must have new ideas and suspense, which will easily attract the attention of customers.
2. Appeals must be different and different.
3, the theme of the screen must have impact, can attract eyeballs.
4. Appeals must be related to the brand attributes.

5. Appeals should be able to echo the upcoming field activities.

For planners, meeting any of the above requirements alone should not be difficult. The most difficult is to screen and precipitate a source of appeals concept in the form of a needle in the haystack. This concept source must be able to meet all of the above requirements at the same time, that is, The creative point we focus on must be the intersection of all the above requirements.

This is precisely where the value of professional planning lies. With the above three measures in place, it is certain that medicine will be eliminated.

Do not believe the effectiveness of advertising messages! That's right.

However, if you are afraid of being afraid of medical treatment, if you encounter such a master, Hua Tuo’s reoccurrence can only be a sigh.

The second trick: holding events

Most dealers are more introverted and believe that “there is no sound at this time” (in fact, it is afraid of spending money). But if you think about it, even if you are beautifully dressed, do not sing a song, and dance, the charm will naturally be greatly reduced, not to mention the furniture store. The most important thing for furniture sales is popularity! It is not the kind of dynamic popularity that has ever visited your store in twos, threes, and twos. It is best to gather at one time and stop to stay.

How can we do this? - Onlookers. Only onlookers can gather, stop and stay.

People have herd mentality. Especially when self-confidence is not enough, the power of the model is endless.

It must be impossible for so many people to eat at his house.
So many people must be there to have a good show.

So many people must be cheap to buy.

Most people prefer to believe in people instead of believing themselves when they buy items. In particular, this kind of furniture, which looks almost like a family, has no standard reference price.

Fear of derision, fear of loss of psychological decision the customer is more willing to follow the crowd. It can therefore be concluded that:

Whoever gathers, stops, and stays will have more customers who will be successful in promotion!

To gather, stop and stay more customers, only engage in activities.
1, through the colorful activities to attract popularity.
2. Promote your brand through the host's introduction
3, through the interaction with customers to allow more customers to understand the advantages of their products at one time.

4, through the customer's propaganda to let customers understand the most lethal today's preferential policies.

The third measure: layout atmosphere
Carpets, display racks, hanging flags, DM sheets, balloons, flowers...

This is almost every family will do, but the strength is more or less, the effect is good and bad.

My experience is: Any competition can not be separated from these eight words: "I have no people, I have excellent people." Since everyone has the first move, then we must do "people have me":

1. People's red carpet is only five meters in front of the door. We must lead customers from beginning to end all the way to your shop. The mall can let you shop for as much as you can. What can be used for a long time like a red carpet is not afraid to buy more. Adhere to the direction of the specially designed stickers on the carpet.
2. Put the X stand in front of the people, and you put the KT board 2 meters by 1 meter. In front of you, you have a balloon, and you just put flowers in front of the door.
3, people in front of the air arch, you set up the stage.

Don't be nervous. It takes more than a few dollars. remember! Any advantage is only a comparative advantage. If you are like someone else's pomp and even worse than others, then the money you spend is no use. Instead, it would be better to add another point. The customer's scales will tilt to you.

Most of the dealers are only looking for a small advertising workshop to decorate their own store showroom. They just need to design their own head and simply design the above advertising materials. We do not know the theme of the event and the layout of the screen. It is the key to make you stand out from the crowd.

Be sure to believe that the most valuable information in all promotional requests is not your preferential policy but your advertising theme ideas. Is it enough to attract people? Is there any suspense? Does it have any intersection with its own brand? These are the touchstones where countless brands compete against each other.
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