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Dirty treatment of polished brick samples

First of all, check the causes and penetration of soiled samples of polished tiles.
If only the brick surface wax is dirty and remains on the brick surface, you can use talcum powder to remove the brick residue, and then remove the residual stains on the brick surface with strong detergent (or online purchase of detergent) (remember to press on the package. Instructions for use) If there is still a small amount of stain remaining in the pores, apply 20% citric acid to the stained area for 2 hours to remove the capillary stains.

If it is the sample capillary pore penetration and sewage suction, you can purchase the wooden keel brand super water AB combination, according to the use of instructions ratio (pictured), you can remove the deep stains out of the brick surface.

Wooden keel brand super water AB combination: strong permeability, able to deeply decompose the water-borne color inside the vitrified polished tiles, quickly remove the black and yellow square wood marks, wooden keel seals, paper box yellow seals, various color pigments left in the interior decoration Burning stubborn cigarettes such as cigarettes, yellow and other stubborn stains, the use of a simple method, the effect is unique, does not damage the tile luster and structure, the color removal rate can reach 95-99%.

After cleaning, the polished tile samples need to be wax-removed and anti-fouling work. It is necessary to manually use the flannel to wrap the waxing board (floor wax can also be used) to force evenly on the brick surface. Each sample needs to be manually waxed. 10g is about 15g/m2. Concentrated B-wax is used on large production lines; samples after waxing can have good antifouling effect, and regular cleaning and cleaning of the brick surface are required.