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Different styles for floor display

There are many styles of floor display racks and all kinds of materials are available. There are wood, acrylic and steel. The size is also small and large. There is usually a rough classification within our industry. According to the different functions, the floor racks are divided into several categories.

Flip floor display racks, also known as flip-style floor display racks. This type of display is generally larger in size. Vertical to the ground level. Visitors just need to flip by hand to see the characteristics of different floors. After the purchase.

Push-pull flooring display racks, I do not know if there are no sliding doors at home or near the kitchen. The inspiration for the design of Tula floor racks comes from here. The advantage of push-pull stands is that they can save a lot of space. Small footprint.

Sliding floor display racks, sliding floor racks actually have some similarities with sliding floor racks. The difference is that the slide is generally recumbent. Push-pull is generally vertical.

Drawer floor display, this is the best type of understanding. Pull it out when you need it and push it when you don't need it. It's like a desk drawer. Not only save space but also prevent dust intrusion.

The portable floor display stand and the small floor display stand are collectively referred to as a portable display stand, which is characterized by convenient carrying, light weight, and small size.

Assembled floor display racks and various types of display racks are assembled to form a new type ofdisplay rack. This kind of display rack is usually more suitable for space comparison drills.
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