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Der flooring sample display selection

Der flooring products feature: environmental protection, formaldehyde-free is the development concept of the der brand established since its inception. It can be seen that environmental protection has always been a theme of Der flooring. To be able to match the der floor. Health and pollution-free is certainly an important reference target for Der's sample display.

    As a dealer of Der flooring dealers how to choose matching display stands. Is it echoing with it? Here are some suggestions:

    In the face of such high-end floor sample display, if the economic capability can be supported, my suggestion is to look for a tailor-made factory with a good reputation. Why do people want to dress a horse on a saddle? Custom-made things are always better than finished products. This is why many celebrities like to wear custom clothes.

    If the economy is not so affluent, we can take the second choice. Although it is inferior to the above-mentioned display rack customization, it can also achieve good results. Each made rack has its own style and selling point. For these selling points. Filter out several features suitable for Der flooring. Then choose from these exhibition racks for your own showroom. This narrows the selection layer by layer. You must be able to choose the rack that will satisfy you.

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