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Choose a suitable display for your 3d wood floor

I think I have been fascinated by this special painting technique of 3D. The recent visual impact has been too much, and more and more 3D technology images are shocking my imagination. In the field of wood flooring is also new to dust, apply 3D technology, as long as you can imagine, you have the need. You can get your own wooden floor. How to buy a display stand for such an elegant new display stand?

In fact, there is no difference in the nature of the 3D wood floor display standand the regular pattern wood floor display stand, that is, in the direction of the appearance and display method is exactly the same as the production method of the wood floor. Love DIY friends personally try to make a bar.

Although there is no difference in the method of production and placement, it does not mean that there is no difference in all aspects. For example: We need more sophisticated appearance and color. This is why? The color and temperament of a traditional wooden floor have already been fixed, and it can be said that it will remain unchanged. But the new type of personalization is really too much. Not very convenient for mass customization. Therefore, according to the customer's 3D wood floor painting patterns and colors for special creation, so as to obtain a display method suitable for 3D wood flooring.


Ability to design their own, make their own.

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