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Ceramic tile wood showcase materials

In addition to the steel racks and acrylic materials, there is also a common material - wood. Wood is known for its variety of styles and paint colors. It has been favored by various tile brand exhibition halls.

Tile wood showcase mainly uses materials such as blockboard, multi-layer board, integrated board, high-density board, veneer panel, etc.

 Blockboard: It has the advantages of light weight, easy processing, no deformation, etc. The blockboard has good grip strength, high strength, quality, sound absorption, heat insulation, etc. The moisture content of the blockboard is not high, at 10% - Between 13%, easy processing is the ideal wood for interior decoration and high-grade furniture manufacturing. And the moisture-proof effect is good, and paint cannot be applied directly.

Multi-layer board: strong compressive ability, not easy to deform and crack, dry shrinkage and expansion system is very small, with good ability to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, the surface layer can show the natural wood grain, simple and easy to install.

Integrated board: From the perspective of physical and mechanical properties, it is superior to solid wood in terms of tensile strength and compressive strength, and also superior to solid wood in terms of homogenization of material quality.

High density board: smooth, easy to carry out surface decoration when the temperature and humidity of the environment change, the dimensional stability is good. The internal organization structure is compact, with particularly dense edges, which can be processed into a variety of special-shaped edges, and it is not necessary to coat the edges directly to achieve a good styling effect. Uniform organizational structure, consistent inside and outside.

Veneer: It not only has a beautiful pattern of wood, but also makes full use of wood resources and reduces costs.

Summarize and summarize: Blockboards are suitable for the main materials of showcases, and use facades, central doors, and exterior structures. The veneer is intended to be used at the seam joint.
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