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Ceramic tile display rack hanging on the wall

Would like to ask the 2018 tile shop popular kind of display rack? Is it, it, or it. Tile wall hanging display. What magical power can it make so many customers instantly love it?

The benefits to hanging on the wall?

Nowadays, Chinese small and medium-sized cities generally have small stores. In addition to the rational use of limited storefront display locations, the size of the economical tile display racks has also been incorporated into the plan for saving space in storerooms. Tiled wall hanging display stands in this market environment. Came into being,

Instantly fired through the market and achieved remarkable results. In addition to saving space, there is another reason that we neglected: With the improvement of the manufacturing technology of China's shelves, the quality of exhibition stands has greatly improved. You no longer have to worry about the security of the display rack. To

In front of the exhibition, if you encounter a humid environment and a thunderstorm, it is easy for the tile racks to be exposed to such space for a long time. The colleagues outside the rack will also leave a lot of hidden dangers to the safety of the display racks.

Which styles of display stand are hanging the wall on ceramic tile sample:

The ceramic tile wall display racks are still relatively simple. However, Yidu is a company with a relatively large market share in the field of domestic tile shelves. It is working day and night with the company's R&D team to strive for an early design of a product that looks and makes the market safer and safer.

Please wait and see. It is expected that R&D will be successful in the second quarter of 2018. In addition, if you need to buy a tile wall display, please contact our customer staff.

Due to the time of ordering and the different production time periods, we will have a different production cycle to ensure the quality of production according to the customers and quantities in different regions. So please be kind to your customers and friends to confirm the order in time to prevent your order from being delayed.
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