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Basic knowledge for crossbeam design

What are the basic common senses of the crossbar display? What formula does the crossbeam display design use to calculate the design? The following Xiao Bian has organized the basic knowledge of the design of cross beam display racks for everyone, and the design formula of cross beam display racks:

According to the customer's requirements, we designed it into two parts, one of which is to meet the need for placing bulk cargoes and small cargoes with laminates; the other is for pallets to be placed directly on each floor in two positions; this improves cargo management efficiency and saves space. ;

What common basic knowledge should be understood in the design of beam-type display racks?

The main aspects are as follows:

(a) Design of beam-type display rack length:

(1) To understand the specifications of the card board, if the goods exceed the card board, it should be calculated in excess size.
(2) Generally, two card boards shall be placed for each layer design, and the interval between the card board and the card board shall be 70-100mm (the interval between the high racks shall be 100mm, and the short rack may be 70mm). DA If the length of the card board is small (eg 800MM), consider placing three card boards per floor.

(3) Formula: L = card length *2+(70-100)*3(interval number)

(b) Design of beam width display rack:
(1) Calculated by the actual size of the card board width.
(2) If the customer requests to add span beams, plank steel boards and other accessories, the width of the rack can be designed to be the same size as the width of the card board.

(3) Formula: D = card board width - 200MM.

(C) Design of beam-type display rack height:
(1) The specific height depends on factors such as the customer's exhibition space.
(2) The height needs to be a multiple of 75MM, if not, take the similar value.

(3) Formula: H (storey height) = cargo height + 100 (interval) + height of beam (bearing weight is different, specifications are different).

(D) Passage: Forklift lanes shall be determined according to the performance of the forklift (eg working channel, lift height, load, etc.).

(E) related accessories: pillars, beams, beams and other accessories.

(F) Special attention should be paid to the style of the pallets, whether the goods should be prominent, the size of the display racks, the floor weight, the site, and the fire protection.
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