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The antique style is coming. How to choose high-quality antique floor tiles?

For everyone, everyone is familiar with it. It is the most common item in home decoration. It is not only rich in color, but also has the characteristics of breathability, oxidation resistance and water resistance. Therefore, it is widely used in home and road. Let's take a look at the small series below: How about antique floor tiles and how to buy antique floor tiles?

Antique floor display rack

Antique floor tiles?

1. In fact, it is a kind of ordinary ceramic tile. It is just like the previous style when it is burned. Therefore, it seems to have a classical charm, and then it is created by style, color and graphics. A nostalgic atmosphere, therefore, is favored and liked by the owners.

2, it is made of pure clay, and it has the process of "drinking water" when it is fired, so it will show a blue-gray color, which not only gives people a simple, natural, calm It also has the characteristics of breathability, oxidation resistance, etc., and is therefore widely used in pavement decoration.

How to buy antique floor tiles:

1, quality

In China's market, its variety is more complicated. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to determine its pros and cons by measuring, listening, scraping, and watching, or pouring a glass of water on the back. If it spreads rapidly, it means that its water absorption rate is high and it is not available in places with large water consumption. And a good product, its sound will be crisper, and the color is even, not easy to scratch.

2, style

In the market of our country, it has many styles, and different styles, its performance and paving results are different, so when purchasing, you must choose its style according to your own needs and preferences.

3, color

It is understood that this type of product, its most attractive place is its color, because it not only represents a custom, but also can determine a certain mood, and currently the products on the market, it is generally divided into two Style, a type of monochrome brick, mainly used for a wide range of paving. The other one is the tile with the main points.

When purchasing, you should know how to observe the color, try to choose a true color in the color selection, the texture is relatively clear. The quality of such wood grain bricks is better, and the decoration is also better. The high-quality wood-grained tiles look vivid and vivid. Secondly, by tapping the wood grain bricks by hand and listening carefully to the sound, you can determine the inner quality of the bricks. The sound is crisp and pleasing, but the quality is poor. Once again, you need to touch the wood grain bricks by hand. The surface of the high-quality wood grain bricks not only has the texture of bumps and undulations, but also the texture of the annual rings. Many details are also scored in the wood, and the touch feels delicate and comfortable. In addition, when purchasing, it is best to ask the shopping guide to understand whether the water absorption rate, anti-skid, anti-pollution coefficient and wear-resistance coefficient of wood-grained bricks have reached the national standard.

Teach you how to buy antique bricks

1. Looking for a brand, if you want to buy a good antique brick, you must first select a big brand that you can trust. The terminal of the big brand is generally more delicate, or a larger area. It is generally arranged in a conspicuous place in the building materials city or building materials plaza. For your own advertising, don't go to a few tens of square meters of small shops, or buy a rustic brick in a couple's shop.

2. Look at the storefront, find the right brand store, but also shop around, don't be fooled by the guide Yunshan fog cover, see if the store is clean, whether there is gray on the tile, whether the display is reasonable, this is related to Whether the store management is standardized, non-standard storefronts, even if it is cheaper, we still have to shed tears and smash it from the list of candidates.

3. Look at the product, find a window with a few clear, transparent high-quality specialty stores, we must start to see the product, there are many kinds of antique bricks, each brand of the general brand has a different color, choose a boutique brand of specialty stores There are many matching colors and complete product specifications are essential. Otherwise, it is very likely that there is a situation like bricks but not accessories, and the likes of accessories do not like bricks.

If you go through the above one two three, find a favorite product in a good store, the accessories are also very satisfactory, don't just pay for it, the hard work of brick selection has just begun "the long march has just been take the first step".

4. The first choice of bricks: "掂": The elders often say that "the amount of their own weight is two". When dealing with antique bricks, this trick still applies. Although the antique brick is not gold, the heavier and more valuable, but in general The heavier the brick, the higher the density and the higher the hardness; the opposite is worse. High-density, high-hardness bricks have better strength, are less prone to cracking and water seepage, and are more durable.

V. Choosing the second type of "planning": When buying bricks, you must bring the keys, one to prevent the home from opening the door, and the other to test whether the glaze layer on the antique brick surface is hard, if you use the key to draw, the brick surface There are obvious scratches, which is a pity. This shows that this brick glaze is very easy to wear, the hardness is not enough and the quality is not good. After a period of time, such as the surface glaze is worn off, it will wash away the beauty makeup like a heavy rain--- - The original glazed brick surface will appear to be difficult to clean stains.

Sixth, the third type of brick selection "knocking": tapping the brick surface with the finger joints is like knocking on the door. If there is a crisp and loud sound coming from the door, it must be a big beauty, if it is low boring The sound of the sound, or quickly withdraw, this must be the aunt of the sixty years old. The sound is crisp and loud, indicating that the tile is of good quality and cooked well; if the sound is abnormal, it means that the brick is not sintered well, and there is likely to be an internal crack.

Seven. Choose the fourth type of brick "Look": This is of course not a brand to see the father, see the mother, see the grandfather ... a look at the section, the store will have a specially broken brick as a sample, you can look at the cross section The cross-section density should be high. If the cross-section is like puffed food, the quality is not good, the raw materials are definitely not good. Secondly, the high-quality polished glazed antique brick will accurately throw 1/3 of the imported wear-resistant glaze to ensure At the same time, the surface light is diffusely reflected and naturally soft. If the reflection has obvious problems, it means that the brick body is not too much curvature, that is, the polishing process is closed, but it is also a hidden danger; the third look at the color, the greater the change of the brick surface color, the more harmonious the application, the more able to adapt to the large area paving. In order to achieve the ever-changing effect of the brick surface, most of the high-end antique brick brands on the market currently use roller printing technology.

Eight. The fifth type of brick selection "Drip": a brand-name store will bring its own ink or sewage for consumers to test. Although the thousands of waters are coming over, the last step is to pay attention to the testimony, drop a few drops of water to On the back of the tile, the water absorption rate is low, and the product with good internal quality will not have water droplet penetration or diffusion, and vice versa, you may see the spot stained by a stain after rubbing off. And if you use such a product, after many years, this stain will change into a new environment, it will penetrate from the brick bottom to the brick surface, and it will not be clean as a small advertisement in the city.

Nine, style: antique bricks are generally classified into polite types. There are seven series of romantic Europe, primitive Africa, mysterious Egypt, ancient Indian style, refined China, and the Babylonian kingdom. It is understood that the most popular antique tiles are currently available. Monochrome bricks and tiles. Monochrome bricks are mainly used for large-area paving, while tiles are used as embellishments for local decoration. The general tile patterns are hand-painted, the surface is glazed, the retro has a sense of fashion, simple and generous without losing details. In addition, the retro atmosphere is usually reflected in the sandstone texture of the bricks.

Ten match: The size of the brick, the principle is that small rooms use small size tiles, large rooms use large size tiles. Visually, large bricks expand the surface, and small bricks can enrich small spaces; but the current trend is still dominated by large bricks, because people like to have a wider view.