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5 pices different tile display stands

[Name]: Double-sided bar display rack

[color]: white, black, bronze
[material]: metal (iron art)
[Specifications]: vertical height 146 oblique width 150 width 40cm

[process]: handmade

Fashion design

The texture of iron gives it a simple, calm, classical, and its extensibility so that it can achieve an infinite artistic beauty, and fashion construction thinking!

Low carbon steel

Wrought iron is more than what pink art materials can not and iron art is not only thick but also has the characteristics of environmental protection!

Electrophoretic baking paint

With a unique business temperature paint, formaldehyde-free green paint, high-quality anti-rust technology, allowing you to use more peace of mind!

Exquisite handmade

Purely hand-made, each product has undergone rigorous processes, and exquisite details of processing, more stable landing support!

Has always been customer-centric, insisted on the concept of your own negative for your customers. While monitoring the product of mine, it also continuously improves the integrity of product packaging, and ensures the safety of products to the maximum extent possible to safely lose your products to your side!

Perfect fit
Fine craftsmanship, excellent size, perfect fit stainless steel durable
International A3 steel bracket

International import A3 top steel, super stable no longer have to worry about accidentally knocking down the display rack destroyed the tiles

Solid long slot design
An entire card slot with a deeper design, perfectly stuck to the tiles for excellent stability

Full weight base

60% of the weight of the entire display stand, providing more solid performance for the display stand
[color]: white, black, bronze
[material]: metal (iron art)
[Specification]: Length 45cm wide 45cm high 160cm

[workmanship]: handmade

[Application space]: balcony, living room, bedroom, corridor, etc.

Specifications: L500*W450*H1800
Product size piece: 150*900MM
Product color: black, white (paint)
Product material: steel welding paint

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