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Stone industry will close down in 2018?

As we all know, in 2018, the stone industry suffered an unprecedented industrial impact. Many pessimistic views hold that the stone industry will fail. Will the stone industry really fail in 2018? Recognize the problem to see the essence, and some things don't go hand in hand.

Why do you think the stone industry will fail?

Rising labor costs, raw material prices, freight rates, environmental issues. Everyone is working hard to make money. However, without high wages, one cannot buy a house or buy a house, and it is even more difficult to pay in installments, talk about quality of life, and talk about raising children. Now it is very difficult for the stone industry to recruit people according to the 2017 industry standard salary. Part of the people changed course, and some people went to the top. Who should fill the vacant posts?

In addition to rising artificial costs, it is important that the raw materials are soaring. When the renminbi depreciates, the money is no longer worth the money. So how can we maintain the survival and long-term development of the enterprise when the profits do not get a consistent growth space? This is a huge test.

In addition, the stone dust pollution environment is well-known, environmental protection departments have more stringent standards for corporate environmental compliance standards, companies that do not meet the standards will be ordered to shut down. The stone industry is even more precarious.

Even if there are so many difficulties that need to be resolved, even greater difficulties will be encountered. I also believe that the government is for the long-term development of enterprises and industries. The government does not want to and will never allow the stone industry to fail. So why is this?

China needs the stone industry; if the domestic mines are rich, do they leave for the New Year? Does not increase employment, create employment opportunities for the New Year? Does not increase the local and national fiscal spending New Year? If the domestic stone industry goes bankrupt, foreign stone merchants will surely flock to China. What happened was that we were spending a lot of money on imported stone and our money went abroad. That is absolutely not allowed.

We will surely become the rich and strong democracies we want. Before these goals can be achieved, we must increase our efforts to create industrial value. It is not only necessary to go to the inventory of domestic stone mines, but also to upgrade the industrial chain of the stone industry. If the stone industry is stagnating and your throat is stuck in the upstream of industrial upgrading, then your economic lifeline will be held by others.

From a personal point of view, the development of the stone industry is a steady rise. We are a company specializing in the display racks of stone samples. The company mainly produces stone building materials like sample display related products. This is compared with the financial statements for the first quarter of 2017 and 2018. In the first quarter, our sales amounted to US$5 million, an increase of 14.3% over the first quarter of 2017. This means that our market share has increased, and our customer's share has also increased. This may be the domestic share, but more is the foreign stone market share.

To sum up: The stone industry is in a state of sluggish development, but the prospects will surely be bright.
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