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What are the non-slip tiles?

What are the non-slip tiles?

For home decoration, we will always choose some tiles to use as decoration materials. Anti-slip tiles must have been heard or understood by everyone. So, do you know the types of anti-skid bricks, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of anti-skid bricks?
non-slip tile display rack
First, the whole body brick
As a major category of anti-skid bricks, the whole body brick has the advantages of positive and negative materials and uniform color, and has good wear resistance. The price is mostly affordable, so it is widely used by many consumers and is widely used in Living room, corridor, etc. However, the color of the floor tiles is relatively simple. For those who like plain colors, they may be more able to meet their requirements for simplicity and simplicity, but friends who like gorgeous style may not be able to bear the more dull colors. Moreover, since the surface of the brick body has an open space, it is easy to adsorb some dirt during use, and form stains on the surface. If the daily cleaning and maintenance are not paid attention to, it is easy to cause black and dark yellow of the brick body.

Second, glazed brick
This type of non-slip brick has been glazed in the process of production, so it can form a better style and bring us a visually unique aesthetic. However, due to the complicated manufacturing process and high required operation technology, once the operation technology is not standardized, it is easy to cause cracking, which not only affects the appearance of the brick body, but also easily causes cracking during use.

Third, polished brick
As one of the all-purpose bricks in the non-slip type, it has a hard and wear-resistant texture and is widely used in various indoor spaces such as living rooms, corridors, aisles, bedrooms, etc., and it has a variety of styles to better cater to. Renovation requirements for modern homes. However, it also has the drawback that ordinary bricks are easy to adsorb dirt.

What is non-slip brick
The non-slip tile is a ceramic floor tile with pleats or bumps on the front to increase the friction between the floor tile and the sole or sole of the foot to prevent slipping and falling.

Anti-skid bricks anti-skid coefficient setting specifications, divided into five grades: anti-skid coefficient below zero three or four, is extremely dangerous, between 0:35 and 0:39 is very dangerous, at zero Zero to zero-nine-nine is dangerous. The anti-skid coefficient of 0.5 is in line with the "safety" level. It is very safe for more than 0.6.

Non-slip bricks
Anti-slip tiles are mainly used in water-filled spaces. Kitchen, bathroom and balcony floor decoration generally need to choose non-slip tiles, because in general, the tiles can be slip-proof in the case of dryness, while in humid and watery environments, the surface will It becomes smooth and makes it easy for people to fall. In addition, the owners of the elderly and children in the home, because the slip is harmful to the elderly and children, it is recommended that the bedroom, living room and other spaces, if not floor, also choose the anti-slip superior floor tiles.

Anti-skid brick buying tips
Eye-hand touch: If the surface of the brick is flat and smooth like a mirror, the anti-slip property is generally poor. At the same time, the basic touch can be made according to the feel of the hand. Generally, the anti-slip property of the touch is better.

Foot test: When purchasing the floor tiles, first discuss with the store, you can walk directly on the brick surface, test the anti-slip effect, if you walk to feel the slip, do not choose this brick for the kitchen balcony.

Test water test: Spread two large pieces of floor tiles (some plants may have a layer of oil paper or wax on the bricks, you must first remove them), take a cup filled with water, and sprinkle the water in the cup on the floor tiles. Then, wearing shoes and walking around the water-sprayed floor tiles, feel the feeling of slipping.