What are the marble tile buying skills?

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What are the marble tile buying skills?

What are the marble tile buying skills?

Marble is the material that many families use when decorating. However, many people are novices. They don’t know anything about these materials. Therefore, it is very necessary to know some decoration materials. What are you? More than one than the decoration network Xiaobian introduced to you.

Marble tile buying tips

1, marble tile color is very rich, consumers can refer to the decoration case of the majority of netizens before buying, and listen to the opinions of experts. In addition, it can be measured according to personal preference and combined with the size of the house space to achieve the best decoration effect.

2. Because marble tiles are new, the specifications of ceramic tiles on the market are uneven, and large-sized tiles are becoming more and more popular. The average customer will have the purchasing psychology of “big bricks appear to be atmospheric”, thus ignoring the actual size of the home space. But in fact, the size of the floor tiles is not the bigger the better. To be precise, the purchase of marble tiles should be based on the actual size of the home space, so as not to affect the aesthetics of the living space.

3. Don't rely too much on the manufacturer's award certificate. In the purchase of ceramic tiles, consumers are often confused by the honor of the surface of the business, ignoring the product quality test report and the radioactivity test report. Judging the pros and cons of marble tiles can not only rely on a variety of certificates, but should start with the quality of the products.

4, in general, marble tiles will have a certain color difference, and this color difference will directly affect the overall room decoration effect. When consumers purchase ceramic tiles, they can place a batch of products vertically on a flat surface to observe whether there is any jagged phenomenon. Then put the two brick edges close together and see if there are any gaps.

5, the purchase of tiles is not only to judge from the appearance, but also in the experimental operation can not be taken lightly. Water absorption is one of the basis for measuring the quality of ceramic tiles. Pour water on the back of the tile to see how the water absorption rate is. The water absorption rate is an important factor in determining the quality of the tile. The lower the water absorption of the tile, the higher the density, so that the dense brick hole does not easily absorb moisture and dirt, and is easier to clean.

6, look at the size of the specification. The size of the specification is not conducive to construction, but also reflects the decorative effect. The good specification deviation is small, the tiling is neat, the brick seam is straight, and the decorative effect is good. In the purchase, you can choose two tiles back to back and face to face collage to see if you can closely contact, there is no gap.

7, look at the pattern. Good tile pattern, pattern color is clear and consistent, the craft is delicate and exquisite, no obvious color leakage, misalignment, broken line or inconsistency.

Daily maintenance of marble tiles

1. Tiles can be cleaned with detergent, washing powder, etc.

2. Add a mixture of ammonia water and turpentine with soapy water to clean the tiles to make the tiles more shiny.

3, should be waxed regularly, the interval is 2-3 months is appropriate.

4. If there is a scratch on the brick surface, apply the toothpaste on the scratched surface and wipe it with a dry cloth to repair it.

5, with a small amount of decontamination paste with a toothbrush can cleverly remove the dirt in the gap of ceramic tiles. From the gap between the brick and the brick, the decontamination paste can be used to remove the dirt from time to time, and then a layer of waterproofing agent is applied in the gap to prevent mold growth.

6, tea stains, fruit stains, coffee, beer, ice cream, sauce vinegar, grease, ink and other contaminants, use sodium hydroxide or bleach to slightly soak in the stain, and then dry. For grease stains, you can also put toilet paper or paper towel on the tile, then spray the detergent on it, leave it for a while and then tear it off like a tearing mask, the grease will be glued, and then wipe it with a clean cloth and water.