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No. 1 recruit - looking texture

Good heavy marble tiles transparent, structured, because the marble tile is still in the emerging development period, some companies have not really mature enough technology to achieve this effect, but as marble tile pioneers - Jane marble tile has been achieved technically breakthrough upgrade, it absorbs the dual advantages of traditional screen printing and inkjet printing, combined with self-developed patent class really like technology, the marble tile texture rich texture from one meter, even professionals almost Jane can not distinguish between natural marble tiles and marble.

Classy marble tiles, touch the product surface, moist and tender feeling, such as the delicate baby skin, convex, each piece of natural stone like marble tiles are like the texture and tactile effect, which is light and not slippery marble tiles reasons.

2 strokes - see color

Let the rich colors of natural stone tiles prohibitive, this is a long time, "high places made ​​from natural marble, tile middle and low places select" reasons; since 2009, marble tile market, they broke the inherent between natural marble and tile pattern of recent years, with marble tile on the market are geared to rising heat, many companies have also joined the ranks, for most enterprises due to technical limitations, the production of marble tile limited sallow system; classy marble tile products texture color natural transition, no stiff feeling. Jane through technological innovation to the world of rare stone is modeled using imported Italian top glaze, the world's first high-definition sets spray (India) technology, extensive product line while ensuring pure color pure marble, smooth transition, restore the natural beauty of the stone, meet increasingly personalized and high-end decorative needs.

     3 strokes - see texture
Distinguish between natural marble and marble tile, a lot of people like to see textures, classy marble tiles and marble tiles difficult to distinguish between true and false is almost exactly the same, smooth texture, excessive nature. Jane has participated in domestic and international exhibitions marble tiles, other exhibitors and merchants repeatedly Jane marble tile realism praise, saying it difficult to distinguish natural marble; Jane really like technology breakthrough to solve the continuation of the marble tiles and integrity, a stone N, AB surface, a large version of the technology which are the pioneer Jane, Jane a marble tile texture lively, natural, paving large areas, even beyond the effect of natural marble, people think, marble tile seems to be given a life, space is suddenly full of life.

4 strokes - see sense light

Polished, full polished glaze, ceramic stone are to create a luxurious light effect, prone to light pollution, making the living environment of people to produce uniform light fatigued; marble tile light-sensitive surface of the product in line with people's best visual effects. Natural marble polished, glossy, surface effects such as pickling, as technology advances, marble tiles also gradually one by one to achieve these effects, as experts in the field of marble tile brand leadership Jane marble tile industry leading achieve a high-gloss, wax smooth, convex surface of the product; close look at every piece of marble tile in soft light, long-range surface to see if there is a natural marble concavity, space does not diffuse, there is no light pollution, to meet people comfort, relaxation, focus the mind space requirements.

5 strokes - see Paving effect

The actual decoration often encountered, select the desired effect and the effect of paving tiles when the problem is not the same, which relates to the effect of paving products, the first four strokes are built around a monolithic marble tile products to distinguish between good and bad, 5 strokes have a large area of ​​paving products to see the effect.

Marble tile colors, patterns are restored natural stone, but the integrity of natural stone tiles do not have, because the natural texture of marble products every one is different, therefore, have the effect of different paving, so good marble tiles, not only with better single product, but also a change, so the overall effect of paving will have overall sense, no sense of repetition, such as Jane marble tile products can achieve a paving stone surface N, AB infinite surface, different paving distinct spatial effects.

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