What is the biggest factor in determining the price of Aluminum is?

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Trunk size of the market nationwide wide range of products, the South alone, Foshan, Guangdong Mingjia Yang Aluminum Company, the factory's products have Aluminum: Aluminum box, air box, aluminum trolley, tool, equipment boxes, meter boxes, cosmetics cases, military tank, product display boxes, beauty Aluminum, etc., so many Aluminum products, full range, the price varies greatly meet the needs of consumers. Today alone Aluminum determinants of what the price, so that we have a better understanding. So what is the reason for the formation of the price difference Aluminum it? What is the maximum extent determine its price?

1 First Aluminum aluminum and metal accessories. Aluminum has a right angle L of aluminum (which of different sizes and purposes), there are a half of (which can be divided into different sizes and purposes), but these must be used with a specific aluminum hardware accessories aluminum boxes can be successfully made​​. Popular talk is, a certain kind of aluminum with a particular need or certain kinds of hardware. So the box was first swayed by the price of aluminum prices and hardware prices.

2 boxes panel can have aluminum panels, acrylic sheet, aluminum, fireproof board, PVC board, ABS board first choice available, their price is different, this is the second factor in the overall price difference Aluminum.

3 aluminum box inside lining material

The above three points are related to the price difference between the materials themselves, in addition to point 4, the size of the aluminum box itself determines how much material, it also affects the price fluctuations, so Trunk length and breadth should be rational use of space, design and reasonable mix within the allowable range size do try to minimize the costs to a minimum is the best choice. So, when all we need to build consumer Friend Aluminum Products Aluminum manufacturers try to provide the most detailed information such as "aluminum box size, Trunk environment, load-bearing requirements, appearance requirements, the Aluminum product images, the size of data "and so on, which will help you tailor Aluminum factory, reasonable design, cost-effective Aluminum products.

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