Wooden Showcase maintenance must be noted

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When Wooden Showcase maintenance , the following points should be kept in mind :
First, do not be furniture ( Showcase ) on the sun exposure , do not put too much furniture in a dry place to prevent the wood cracking deformation. They also do not want the furniture in a very humid place , so the wood expands when wet , resulting in a drawer will not pull out of the phenomenon.
Second , furniture ( Showcase ) during transport , do not pull hard deadlift should Qingtai light ; placement should be placed flat on steady, uneven ground , leg pads should be implemented .
Third , do not use water to wash or wipe with a cloth made ​​of plywood furniture ( Showcase ) , to prevent loose plastic splint or unglued ; Do not use water to wash lye or placed on furniture or desktop high concentration of alcohol, bananas and freshly boiled water hot water and other things , to prevent damage to the finish.
Fourth , do not ballast on top of the wardrobe in order to avoid protruding door shut lax phenomenon ; while clothes do not pile up too much, over the door to prevent the door deformation.
Fifth , do not use and furniture ( Showcase ) original paint color different pigments embedded in furniture cracks , that would leave a scar .
Sixth , it is best to put some pepper in the furniture , can prevent rats from entering ; put some camphor , tobacco , can prevent worms and cockroaches.
Seventh , it is best to brush a layer of varnish every few years to keep the furniture, fresh color , gloss durable .

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