The new members of the lacquer coating composition and the role of classification

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 The composition and role of lacquer

Lacquer coating is mainly composed of three parts : alkali sealing primer, an intermediate layer and lacquer finishes .
Alkali sealing primer
Alkali sealing primer on different types of grass into oil and water . Sealcoat role is in the solvent ( or water ) evaporation, polymers and fillers which will penetrate the pores of the grassroots , thereby blocking the pores of the substrate surface , so that it has a good grass surface waterproof performance , eliminates efflorescence grass caused by moisture migration , flooding , etc., while also increasing the lacquer adhesion main floor with grass to avoid peeling and loosening .
The middle layer lacquer
The middle layer is made of lacquer aggregate, a binder ( base) , various additives and solvent composition .
( 1 ) Aggregate
Aggregate Aggregate including color and general aggregate two kinds.
Color is natural stone aggregate after crushing, washing, screening , and other procedures processing, with good weather resistance , acid and non-fading resistance, non- artificial sand sintering . General aggregate choose a good whiteness, high silicon content of quartz sand , natural stone powder color is dark due , when used alone color is dull, with a certain amount of white quartz sand used in conjunction with a natural color powder , adjust color depth , the coating of rich layering colors, natural stone can achieve a similar texture, but also reduces the cost of production. Aggregate particle gradation on the construction of the lacquer coating and a very large impact on the performance of the state , if the particles are too coarse aggregate , easily precipitate in the paint , spraying sand floor will increase the amount of paint will be large, and painted hiding layer decreases , the appearance of rough coating , easy to accumulate dust and contamination ; such as aggregate particles are too small, the decor is ineffective . Therefore , the use of the thickness of the particles with the use of both the decorative effect is not easy to affect the coating , the coating can also dense .
( 2 ) , a binder ( binder )
Binder is one of the key factors affecting the performance of lacquer , which will have a direct impact on the performance of various real stone film hardness , adhesion strength, water , weather and so on. For lacquer emulsion should meet the following requirements in three areas :
A, emulsion stability, film formation of colorless , transparent, UV light and easy to yellow powder ;
B, the hardness of the coating to be high in order to improve the coating of stain resistance ;
C, a small film of water swelling to form a water- whitening resistance of the film , i.e., having the ability of anti- whitening absorption .
( 3 ) , the finish
Mainly the use of overlay lacquer coating materials in order to enhance water resistance and stain resistance , resistance to ultraviolet radiation and other properties, but also to facilitate future cleaning. Finishes include oily transparent two-component polyurethane finishes , transparent oily fluorocarbon finishes two-component , water-based single-component silicone-acrylic finishes and so on.
The middle layer lacquer coating formulation :
Acrylic emulsion ( strong bond , MFT higher emulsion ) 30%
60% natural sand color stone
Additives 10% .

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