Crack cause analysis of various types of wood flooring

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Solid wood flooring : various stretching shrinkage
 Since the production of solid wood flooring wood shrinkage coefficient is different, the moisture content of the wood itself, high and low , coupled with climate change and air humidity , wood flooring under normal circumstances will be different degrees of shrinkage phenomenon . As long as the floor shrinkage cracks appeared in the national standards , are a normal phenomenon. Currently, the national standards set forth in the wood flooring shrinkage cracks should be no more than 2 mm , more than 2 mm of shrinkage cracks are not normal.
Wood flooring that appears shrinkage cracks and joints are two different concepts, consumers can not be confused. Joints are reserved gap between the baseboard below the floor and walls in the pavement . Shrinkage of the gap is due to the high moisture content of the wood itself , and the surrounding environment is too dry wood shrinkage resulting gap . Consumers encounter wood flooring shrinkage gap is too large , such as more than 2 mm gap width , you can find manufacturers re- paving, but if the gap is less than or equal to 2 mm , gap and more, can only bear their own costs of re- paving . If the gap is small , there is no need to re- paved , but there is no effective way to repair , improve and humidity can be maintained through methods such as indoor environment humidifier , meanwhile, try to ensure constant temperature and humidity , with a longer gap expanded. In general , the smaller the gap will not affect the overall aesthetic effect of the floor, the floor that does not affect use .
Bamboo Flooring : Cracks are improperly installed
 Bamboo flooring is almost non-existent contraction joint problems, and shrink the block bamboo flooring seam is too large, the floor should be installed properly, there is no fixed firmly due. This situation may find manufacturers of free maintenance, the correct approach is to take down the corner line with stable performance and spring rather than wood wedges to secure the block flooring, wooden wedges to avoid swelling caused by shrinkage deformation of the floor .

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